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Ultimate Fitness.
Your Ultimate Fitness Regime.
High-grade Equipment from USA & Italy
High-grade Equipment from USA & Italy
High-grade Equipment from USA & Italy
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Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness, Colombo.

A gym built and managed by fitness professionals for fitness enthusiasts, both men and women of all ages and sizes. At Ultimate Fitness, your fitness regime will be taken care of according to your needs and interests.

Equipment and Activities

With the availability of a wide range of equipment and activities, Ultimate Fitness helps you figure out that perfect routine that’ll keep you going, ensuring you leave the gym looking forward to another day at the gym.

Lift your Spirits

Ultimate Fitness isn’t just about exercising and gaining that extra muscle, but also lifting your spirits and boosting your confidence so you’ll be prepared to face whatever that’s thrown at you whether it’s at the gym or your life.

Workout both Indoors & Outdoors

Ultimate Fitness is not just an ordinary gym. It is a gym that offers both indoor and outdoor activities. Being located in close proximity to the Independence Square, members of the Ultimate Fitness have the opportunity of jogging and cycling (bicycles are available at the gym) outdoors in addition to exercising indoors.

We believe in quality NOT quantity

At Ultimate Fitness you can workout with ease at your own time and pace. By limiting the number of members working out at a given time, Ultimate Fitness ensures you receive all the attention you need for a satisfying and productive session at the gym. Our physical trainers will always be available as and when their assistance and guidance is needed.


Ultimate Fitness is equipped with high quality, solid and reliable equipment from the US ensuring an ergonomic and user-friendly workout experience. With highly experienced and qualified trainers leading the way, Ultimate Fitness pays close attention to the progress of every member, responding to their fitness needs while diligently calculating the combination of exercises required for a productive workout.